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Natural Stone Installed on Exterior of House

We just completed another beautiful installation of our natural stone veneer. This homeowner wanted to have the beauty and elegance of natural stone veneer facing the entry to the property. We custom cut the fieldstone ledge pattern to spec at our in-house stone cutting plant in Hayesville. As you can see, the stone integrates perfectly with the other materials used in construction of the home. On the street facing side, we used 2-6 ledge across the entire lower range of the structure as well as a thirty two feet high run up the center to the highest ridge on the roof line.

Each of the columns were dressed with the ledge creating a clean finished look on all sides and around the outdoor seating area and fireplace beneath the front great room.

stone fireplace

In all, over 1500 square feet of natural stone was used on the property. All of the stone was pulled from our Seven Springs Stone harvest location in Tennessee. After transporting the stone to our stone cutting mill in Hayesville, we hand selected the premium rock to be used for the 2 inch veneer ledge pattern. As always, we only use the very best pieces so that the end results are a majestic appearance that only real stone can produce.

Not only was the stone used on the front of the home, but also on the garage and pool house to tie together the elegance of the stone from the entry to the property to the private areas in the rear surrounding the pool.

The stone will never fade or chip and will provide a beautiful exterior to this home for a lifetime and beyond.

If you're considering stone for your home or project, contact us at Seven Springs Stone in Hayeville, NC we'll work directly with you to select the best stone and pattern at our rock bottom prices.

Seven Springs Stone 828-415-1527

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