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RIVER ROCK SALE GOING ON NOW!  Purchase by the palette or in bulk. We can deliver to your home or jobsite. 

Call or stop by today to place your order!  828-415-1527 or send text to 828-342-6846

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Need River Rock? We have the size and quantity you need in stock and ready for pick up or delivery.

River Rock provides beautiful hues and tones to any landscaping project.  Their muted colors along with their smooth surface and bold shapes bring an eye catching appeal around patios, along walkways, driveways, pool areas, and gardens. It's one of the most popular rock types being used in residential settings as well as commercial landscapes. 

Sized from small pebbles to boulders, river rock can be used in nearly any area of your landscape. Our customers use river rock to line dry creek beds for drainage, as mulch for flower beds, decorative accents around shrubs and even as a border around swimming pool areas. 

And river rock goes well with other types of rock you may already have in your yard or garden as well as with different materials used in structures that the rock is used to surround.



While we stock all sizes of river rock, we also special order oversized stones if that's what your project calls for. 

We always have palettes of small to medium river rocks which are the most sought after among homeowners and professional landscapers.

Our rocks vary in tones from beige to brown and have hints of white to orange hues. 

We can break up palettes of river rock if your project doesn't call for a complete palette.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904


or send text to 828-342-6846

Endless possibilities are available when using river rock in your lawn and garden projects.  In the past, most people used a jagged edge 'rip rap' type stone for drainage and erosion control in their yards and gardens. Today, river rock has stolen the show for those purposes since it allows for a better flow of water with its smooth rounded edges and has a far greater aesthetic appeal.  It blends in nicely with fieldstone boulders and flagstone steppers and patios; bringing a welcome dimension offering purposeful transitions between outdoor living areas and garden areas. 

River rock is also gaining popularity for edging around shrubs and pathways in both residential and commercial applications. Its ease of placement and affordable cost makes it the perfect medium for a multitude of installations.


Decorative Pebbles (Creekstone) in stock and sold by the pound, ton, or palette. Ready for pick up or delivery. Call us today to place your order or stop by for immediate pick up.  Phone 828-415-1527.

Our Pebbles are used throughout lawn and garden landscaping projects. They are perfect for transitions and borders along walkways and around stepping stones. Pebbles are heavily used as ground cover, mulching, drainage tools, and Zen rock gardens.

Scottish pebbles being among the most popular type garden pebble bring a nice splash of earthy colors to an area while serving other purposes like drainage or mulching. They are easily spread with a rake and hold their place once distributed. They can be the perfect means of filling in small bare spots in a garden or bring visual and textural interest to larger spaces as well. 

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904


or send text to 828-342-6846

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