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THIN CUT STONE VENEER - We have it!  We cut our thin cut veneer on-site with our state of the art diamond stone cutting saw. This way, we keep the quality high and the prices low. We'll cut any custom pattern to order or you can choose from our pre-cut inventory.

(If your project calls for FULL BED DEPTH Stone, click HERE)

We carry REAL STONE Veneer that we collect at our very own harvest location in Tennessee.  We choose the highest quality fieldstone that we then cut into a consistent thickness and weight for use as Thin Cut Veneer.  Choosing  the right stone for your project can be a confusing and time consuming task. We simplify the process by working with you to create your pattern and custom cutting it to fit into your project at the perfect depth, weight, and look.

We are experts when it comes to Natural Stone Products. By handling all aspects of the process, we are able to maintain strict quality control standards so you receive only top quality stone for your project.

If you're planning a project that involves Real Stone, it's likely a substantial undertaking. Starting with the proper type of stone for the job and the proper installation style are of great importance. Different stone should be used for different jobs and getting it right can mean the difference between quality finished craftsmanship or an expensive mess. 

We have experts on hand to answer your questions and guide you quickly and directly to the best stone for your needs.

EXTERIOR APPLICATIONS.  Masons use various means of attaching stone to facades. Most exterior veneer systems hang the stone from a support wall using pins and anchors allowing space between the stone. Anchor systems are superior for exterior projects since they allow permeating moisture to escape. It also allows materials of the supporting substrate wall to expand and contract at consistent rates. This is important for the integrity and longevity of your stone veneer structure.

The stone can be either 'Dry Stacked' leaving tight joints between each stone without need for grouting, or they can be stacked loose leaving space for a mortar joint which is filled in after the stone is installed (think of it like the grout joints that are filled between your kitchen and bathroom tiles.

INTERIOR APPLICATIONS.  Thin cut veneer was developed over a hundred years ago. Precursors to the style date back to Ancient Rome. 

With technology paving the way for more sophisticated cutting tools, thin cut veneer has seen a resurgence in recent years particularly for interior applications. 

The ability to cut the stone to a consistent depth and weight allows for more uses in the construction of interior walls, fireplaces, facades, and even kitchen surfaces.

Let our experts help determine which type stone and thickness will be best for your project. Our stone cutting artisans can cut any style you choose including ledge, ashlar, and other popular styles; or you can create your very own custom look with combinations of stone.  We can even cut corner stones that give your wall or fireplace a look of true full thickness stone from any angle.

Come by our Stone Yard where you can put your eyes and hands directly on various types of stone and patterns to ensure you get the exact match to your vision for your natural stone project.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904



At Seven Springs Stone we carefully choose our raw materials from our very own harvest location and maintain strict quality control standards from start to finish.  Our stone is transferred from our Harvest Location in Tennessee to our Saw Plant and Inventory Yard in North Carolina. Here we hand pick the finest material for processing into finished product.

Once you place your order, it's delivered to your specified location via our own delivery trucks and landing gear.

By keeping the entire process in-house, we ensure that the cut stone you receive is of the high quality you demand.

And we offer all this at Rock Bottom Prices!

Our experienced staff are always on hand to answer your questions and direct you to the best stone for your project.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904


Our Natural Thin Stone Veneer outperforms manufactured stone products in every category.  Natural Thin Stone is durable and won't chip or fade over time.  Each pattern is unique with its natural tones complimenting surrounding materials such as timbers, brick, or other stone installations.  Whether your project is an indoor or outdoor stone creation, our lightweight thin cut stone is perfect for accomplishing the natural stone look and quality you demand.

Choose from multiple patterns and cuts to achieve the precise look you envision for your home or outdoor living area. 

We can assist in the design phase, stone cutting phase, and installation.  Or we can simply deliver your custom cut stone to your job site ready to be implemented into your project.


Call us before you begin your next project.  Our mission is to provide all our customers the highest quality stone at the best price in the area and follow up with the absolute best service.  Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer finishing a small project or a contractor building multiple structures, we can scale our resources to meet your needs on time and on budget.

We offer delivery services to several states in the Southeast.  Our team  can help determine the best product for your job and assist in calculating quantity metrics.  Call 828-415-1527 or text 828-342-6846

"Great selection, better prices than other places we checked, and Jarrod delivered our stone the very same day!"

                Karleen H.  (Google Review)

"We trust and recommend Jarrod and his team for all our stone. Their commitment to detail and quality is incredible. We won't go anywhere else."

                              Jeff M. (Google Review)

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