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If you're searching for Fieldstone for landscaping or construction purposes, your search is over! We have it all. Straight from the quarry to our Retail Location in Hayesville, we cut out the middle man to keep prices and down and the selection the best in our area.

We stock Thin Stack, Medium Stack, Thick Stack all in Short and Long variations. We have what you need!

(To learn more about our Thin Cut Stone Veneer, click HERE)

Why Fieldstone is so widely popular...

Fieldstone is a type of stone which occurs naturally near the earth's surface. Amid the time of man's venture into agriculture, fieldstone earned its name by posing as an obstacle to early farmers who had to remove the surface rocks from their crop beds. With the stones piled up near cultivation areas, the farmers began to utilize it as a construction material due to it's availability, durability and resistance to deterioration. These are among the reasons fieldstone is the most popular stone used in stacked stone construction today; along with it's unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

Fieldstone is regularly cut into thin slices leaving one live edge with the natural look of the stone's surface. This 'thin cut' veneer is used to cover a substrate and create the appearance of a solid stone wall.

Seven Springs Stone has the largest and widest variety of fieldstone in the region making us the go-to supplier for homeowners and contractors alike. 

If you're planning to create a stacked-stone wall of any type, call or come by our showroom for the perfect stone to complete your project.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904



Stacked Stone refers to any type of stone that is layered to create a vertical structure such as a wall or fireplace but without the use of grout in the 'joints' between the stones.  It is used to achieve elegant three dimensional surfaces on vertical structures and also can be used to create rugged, natural looking multi-dimensional surfaces. 

Depending upon the type of raw stone used, stacking can offer a 'clean' look with sharp edges or a very rough appearance that is dictated by the shape and contour of the stone used.  It is a flexible style of installing natural stone that is used indoors and out in modern construction and architecture.  

Stacked stone methods date back thousands of years and many of the buildings that are built using the stacked-stone process still stand to this day.

In today's use, the stone is mortared to a framework and aligned so that no grout is needed to fill the joints between the stones. It's a seamless look that creates the appearance of a solid wall with textures very pleasing to the eye.

Our experienced staff are always on hand to answer your questions and direct you to the best stone for your project.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904


Stacked Stone

When using natural stone, you will want to choose stone that contains the right color for your space. Fieldstone for instance, has nice muted earth tones that will match nearly any surrounding palette you may use on other surfaces like adjacent walls, countertops, door jambs, etc.  Also, fieldstone works well as a stacked stone material in terms of versatility and price.  Since fieldstone has such a desirable natural appearance, it will require less handling to prep the stone for installation, keeping costs to a minimum. Fieldstone is also easily 'worked' by installers to get a nice tight fit for a look that is natural and sturdy.  It is commonly used to build fireplaces, sitting walls surrounding patios, border walls, and interior/exterior walls on houses.

Achieve the look you want by changing the design pattern used when installing the fieldstone.

Thin Cut or Full Depth?   A question commonly asked by our customers is which is the better option between cut stone veneer and uncut thick stack (also known as Full Bed Depth Stone).

(To learn more about our Thin Cut Stone Veneer, click HERE)

The answer depends upon the situation. We custom cut our natural stone veneer right here on the premises. Using our industrial stone saw we can adjust the thickness of cuts to meet the needs of the user.  For walls that were not created to be load bearing and don't have adequate substrate to sustain the weight of thick stone, we absolutely urge the use of thin cut veneer. We will consult with you on the job you're faced with and help you with the decisions that will need to be made to ensure the proper installation and material. 

On the other hand, for exterior projects such as outdoor fireplaces, the use of Full Bed Depth natural stone has its advantages. And it can be placed upon a concrete footer which will provide the foundation to uphold the weight of the structure. 

Our on-site experts will be happy to consult with you regarding the proper design and materials for your new stacked stone wall or structure.

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