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BOULDERS are a specialty here at Seven Springs Stone. We hand select our landscape boulders from our very own harvest location in Tennessee and transport these premium stones to our showplace in Hayesville, NC. 

Boulders are commonly used in landscaping to provide borders, transitions, dividers and focal points.  We select the finest 'top rock' or 'surface boulders' for use in landscaping since these rocks bear the weathered appearance that homeowners and landscapers prefer. It takes millions of years to accomplish the aesthetics of our boulders. The soft edges smoothed by water, wind and ice over millennia will compliment the surroundings in any yard or garden. 

We carry all sizes of boulders suitable for various placement in any size landscape schematic. Our customers use our boulders for accents around outdoor living areas, patios, swimming pools, gardens, ponds and creeks. We also offer delivery and placement at your home or business location.

Our Retaining Wall Boulders are chosen by our stone experts for their size, shape and contour. Retaining walls are usually built to shore up uneven land for terracing, multi level purposes, along driveways, waterways and roads. Erosion control on shorelines and creeks or in heavy drainage areas are ideal for the use of boulders as well.

In retaining walls, it's important that the boulders fit together tightly for the integrity of the wall. The better the fit, the stronger the wall. Ideally, we choose boulders for retaining walls that have three rather flat sides and a 'face' side with a bit of depth and dimension to provide a nice look even if the wall is simply built as a utility feature.

For these reasons, we stock the largest selection of boulders for retaining walls in the area. Each wall has unique variables and we carry boulders that can match the needs of any installation. 

Check with us before you choose your stone for your retaining wall and we'll guide you through the process of size, shape and weight characteristics needed in choosing the perfect boulders.

Regardless of your purpose for boulders, we have just the right stones for you at Seven Springs Stone. We stock the widest variety of boulders in our area. And since we are also the source of the boulders, we offer ours at more than competitive prices. Whether you need one for your garden as a showpiece or five hundred for a retaining wall or border, we can provide you with the perfect stone at a great price!

Our experienced staff are always on hand to answer your questions and direct you to the best stone for your project.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904


Boulders can be used in so many ways for landscaping and utility purposes.  Large boulders can bring perspective to areas of your yard or garden that are missing a visual focal point. Our boulders even add a bit of color if chosen to do so. We harvest boulders that have hues and tones in buff, rust, orange, and even blue.  

Placing a weathered boulder along driveways and poolside is a common use among our customers. They can draw attention to an area of your yard and sometimes can even block something that's unsightly. 

When used for retaining walls, there's no better solution than stacking boulders atop one another to create a visually appealing and stable means of securing terraced areas of your property.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904



Call and ask about our gargantuan boulder walls and grading services for overlooks, patio spaces, and hillside outcroppings. 

Turn a once unusable space into an elegant and magnificent focal area to enhance vistas and create overlook points.

Our experts can assist in design, stone choice, and installation of these premier additions to your estate that will transform unused areas into choice destinations for gatherings, viewing areas, and favorite nooks. 

We can provide and install giant boulders up to 10,000lbs with beautiful natural shape and contours.  Once installed, you can surround the area with plantings and furnish to accommodate you and your guests on those beautiful outdoor sunny days. 

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