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Natural Stone Boulders are the Perfect Material for a Retaining Wall That Will Last for Ages...and A

Boulders used for retaining wall

Retaining walls are often necessary to shore up parts of residential spaces or commercial installations such as parking areas. Retaining walls need not look like unsightly behemoths, though. They can actually add aesthetic value to landscapes when the proper materials are used. Natural stone boulders are the perfect match when beauty and brawn are the desired effect.

Natural stone boulder retaining wall at residence

Whether you're building a retaining wall several inches or several feet high, boulders can do the trick. For a short wall they can be partially buried to match whatever height is desired. For higher walls, the boulders are stacked providing a heavy resistance, long lasting, beautiful structure that can terrace yards or hold back eroding mountains.

And don't forget what boulders can do for your garden or patio. Natural stone boulders have fast become a favorite accent among gardeners and landscapers. They can balance the look of a yard with a simple placement adjacent to walkways, gazebos, patios, and out door fireplaces.

At Seven Springs Stone, we carry a vast assortment of boulders of all shapes and sizes.

Call or come by to see our entire inventory and choose the perfect stone for your project. (828) 415-1524

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