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Erosion Control

Minimizing or eliminating erosion seems a constant battle for commercial properties and residential properties alike.  Gravel driveways, lawns, drainage ditches, and any sloped areas are at risk of losing the battle against erosion if not shored up properly with the right materials. At Seven Springs Stone, we carry a vast assortment of materials for controlling areas with problematic erosion from water and loose soil.  Along with the right  materials, we have real-world experience in the strategic placement of those materials to get the maximum desired results from their use.

From gravels to boulders, we can provide you with the right choice of material and assist in the installation with our heavy equipment and manpower. Call us and we'll do an assessment of your problematic areas and consult you on the best and most cost effective means of resolving your erosion problems.

Hollow Core Block System

(Call for availability of stock or to order yours today!)

Use our environmentally friendly hollow core block system to create high functioning, aesthetic retaining walls for commercial and residential installations. 

These blocks interlock to form a stable wall and can be used for knee high walls to extreme height walls.  The strength is in the design.  And the hollow core construction requires less manpower for installation as well as lower costs for transporting and manufacturing.  

Our blocks are the highest rated, most versatile, and most cost effective way to build your retaining wall to code and maintain the beauty of your surrounding landscape.

Call us today for assistance with design ideas and installation information. 

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904


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From riverbanks to lakeshores, driveways to embankments, we supply full service solutions for your erosion control needs.  For years we've been resolving waterfront erosion issues for homeowners and businesses. Losing valuable property to erosion can cost thousands of dollars per year. This makes our natural stone solutions to erosion control a worthwhile investment that will begin paying for itself immediately. All around Lake Chatuge and along the Hiwassee River, in driveways and along roadsides throughout North Georgia and Western Carolina, you can see our work in action for many land owners who were losing property at alarming rates prior to our installing buffers to stop it. Don't wait till it's too late.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904


We've completed numerous erosion control projects in W. North Carolina, N. Georgia, and Eastern Tennessee.  Put our experience to work for you to ensure you get the best results from your investment.  We understand that erosion control is meant to protect your home, property, or business and we take that responsibility very seriously.  If you're protecting a shoreline, riverbank, house, building or land from erosion problems, we can help.

Call us today at 828-415-1527 or stop by our supply yard located at 1485 NC-175, Hayesville, NC 28904


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